Pope greets Ukrainian children who escaped from war

Pope meets with Ukrainian children Credit: AsiaNews

 VATICAN CITY – Pope Francis addressed especially warm greetings to the Ukrainian children at the end of the Wednesday’s general audience, as told by the Ansa news agency.

 The pontiff greeted the Ukrainian children present at the audience one by one, who were accompanied by their mothers, the hosting associations and the Ukrainian ambassador to the Holy See, Andriy Yurash. Some children gave the pope drawings with heart and doves, symbols of peace, and with the colours of the Ukrainian flag, yellow and blue.

 “And with this greeting to the children, let us go back to thinking about this monstrosity of war and renew our prayers to stop this cruelty that is war,” said the pope.

 The children, who escaped from the war, are being hosted by the 'Aiutiamoli a vive' Foundation, the 'Puer' association and the Ukrainian embassy to the Holy See.