‘Maison des Artistes’ gold medals presented in Rome

Paola Zanoni with Engineer Francesco Terrone

 ROME --The Maison des Artistes International Awards took place on Friday evening, bestowing a number of outstanding musicians, journalists, cinematographers, TV personalities and scientists with recognition for their contributions.

 The ceremony took place in the Aula Magna of La Sapienza University and was presented by TV journalist and President of The Academy of Art and Image, Paola Zanoni.

 This year’s winners of the prestigious award include the following.

 Journalist, writer, president of the national union of Italian film journalists and president of the Rome cinema foundation, Laura Delli Colli.

 Director of the Tor Vergata University of Rome, a school specialising in cardiovascular diseases, Professor Francesco Barillà, for his brilliant teaching and research activity.

 Engineer Francesco Terrone - poet, essayist and journalist - who uses his poetic, native Neapolitan language to advocate social and religious ideals, especially for children.

 Nora Prelaj, a doctor in nursing sciences, for her tenacious will to achieve professional goals at the service of others.

 Don Antonio Coluccia, a priest in the diocese of Rome, for the recovery of children in the Roman suburbs.

 Nora Prelaj, a doctor in nursing sciences, for her tenacious will to achieve professional goals in the service of others.

 Doctor Marco Di Fonzo, president of Italia Nostra Section of Rome, for the protection of the cultural heritage and landscape of Rome and the Roman countryside.

 TV presenter, singer and actress, Diana del Bufalo, for her comedy but also for the important themes of her characters.

 Actor Simone Montedoro, actress Violante Placido, young concert violinist Maria Serena Salvemini and Maestro Emanuele Frenzilli, concert pianist, for his exceptional performances.

 Annalisa Minetti, singer-songwriter and athlete, was awarded a medal for the example she has set for young people and everyone in overcoming limits and reaching national goals.

 The Maison des Artistes association is chaired by Doctor Eugenio Morgia and Engineer Vittorio Barbagiovanni, the honorary president.



La Sapienza University's Aula Magna