Italy wins two categories of first Earthshot Prize

Milan won the 'Waste-free world' category Photo:Earthshot Prize

 LONDON - Italy-based companies won two out of five categories of the first edition of the Earthshot Prize on Sunday - an initiative founded by Prince William to reward the best solutions to the climate crisis every year. Funded by the Royal Foundation, the prize awards 1 million pounds (1.17 million euros) to each of the five categories - 'Protect and restore nature,’ 'Clean the air,’ ' Revive the oceans,’ 'Build a waste-free world' and 'Restore our climate.’

 Milan Food Waste Hubs won first place in 'Build a waste-free world' and the company Enapter, which has its headquarters in Crespina Lorenzana (Pisa) came first in 'Restore our climate.’

 "Milan is the first major city to apply a policy against food waste at city level that includes public bodies, food banks, charities, NGOs, universities and private companies. And it is working,” says the company representative who received the award. “Today the the city has three Food Waste Hubs, each of which recovers about 130 tons of food per year or 350 kg per day, equivalent to about 260,000 meals.”

 Enapter, founded by a joint Thai-German-Italian team, produces “AEM Electrolyser technology” that “turns renewable electricity into emission-free hydrogen gas quicker and cheaper than once thought possible. The technology already fuels cars and planes, powers industry and heats homes,” the Earthshot Prize website explains. "By 2050, Enapter’s vision is to account for 10% of the world’s hydrogen generation."

 Costa Rica won the award in the 'Protect and restore nature' category, Indian company Takachar came first for 'Clean the air' and Coral Vita from the Bahamas received the award in the 'Revive the oceans' category for the regeneration of coral reefs.