Comment: Draghi must make amends to Italy's south

The proposed Strait of Messina bridge

  NAPLES - A high profile government. This is the wish that out President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella, has expressed in order to make the new government, and thus to reconstruct the country before any kind of debacle can befall it.

  Draghi’s government consists of a massive prevalence of ministers from the North. Much smaller is the number of political or technical representatives from the South. Welcome to meritocracy, if this is it! But, is it possible that political and technical experts are all from the North?! I am convinced that even in the South there are great people. It is a shame that they are never noticed! 

  What does this disparity mean? Is it only an illusion to believe that it probably won’t make a difference, in terms of political, economic, social, financial, and structural strategies, between the North and South?

 I believe it will widen even further the gap between the two parts of the country. And this scares me, above all when we take stock and realise the social and economic damage surely done to the South.

  We must bear in mind that Europe is pushing towards politics based on digital innovation, on environmental work and on the elimination of the divide between North and South, both regarding the design and management of infrastructure and the big issues affecting the rights of citizens: health, education and mobility.

 To overcome the serious, and now structural, gap between the two parts of the country and to launch the national economy, it is necessary that the Recovery Fund is managed with diligence, putting the development of the South as the first condition for the use of the fund.

 It follows, in my opinion, that it is fundamental to know how to address the phases of the plan of the eventual projects and investments, and to check the next stages of development.     

  However, it would be advisable, considering the conditions of this organisational disparity in the development of the South, that the funds go in the right proportion to the South, even if I believe that it would be even more interesting to consider, beyond just the quantity of funds aimed at the South, the quality of the projects and what they are capable of producing.

  And so, a good plan, an excellent supervision of the evolution of the projects, the correct use of resources are essential for a new and roaring restart in the South. Why not, for example, invest in Southern ports?

 The South is an excellent outpost for international development considering that the fundamental idea of Europe is linked to the Mediterranean: an open sea that unites, that transports, that pulls, that pushes, that creates economies.

  In this way, we could also give substance to the idea of the Strait of Messina bridge, that would shorten the distance between the island and mainland according to a vision of increasing capacity of growth and expansion.

  Keeping in mind the objectives of Draghi, we need to start thinking about doing the right thing and not just the easy thing, pursuing the common good and social equality.