Pope highlights plight of poor in speech against injustice

VATICAN CITY – Pope Francis spoke in his weekly address of the need for the world to “come out better, to better social injustices and environmental decay" after the crisis.

 In his speech the pontiff highlighted the “great injustice that reigns in the world.” and reflected that the virus “has found, in its devastating path, great inequalities and discriminations.” adding “And it has increased them!” Francis encouraged charity and solidarity in the future to help “think up and design an economy where people, and above all the poor, are at the centre.”

 The Coronavirus pandemic has brought about economic turmoil on a global scale and the pontiff warned against increasing the economic discrepancies in the world. Francis warned that “It would be sad if priority was given to the richest with regards for a Covid-19 vaccine!” The pontiff exhorted love and sacrifice and an eye to the future when he said “If the virus were to intensify once more in a way that was unjust for the poor and most vulnerable, we would have to change this world.”