Mediterranean: Photographs between land and sea 2017

Photo: Eleonara Carlesi

NAPLES- Suggestive Castel dell’Ovo gets ready to host the last leg of "Mediterraneo: fotografie tra terre e mare" (Mediterranean: photographs between land and sea) 2017 edition for its parthenope opening on Wednesday afternoon.

 In collaboration with the Tourism and Culture Department at the City Hall of Naples, the conclusive photograph show selected for “Female glances on Women of the Mediterranean” sections include images taken by Alessandra Basile, Diletta Allegra Mazza, and Maddalena Mone, together with particularly appreciated images chosen for Circuito Off taken by Ilaria Abbiento, Daniela Bazzani and Eleonora Carlesi. 

 The photos will be on exposition in Sala delle Terrazze until the July 17. 

 Other appointments around the city have equally been established for this year’s edition. On Thursday, at 15:00 in Spazio Nea - Piazza Bellini, a meeting open to the public will be held on documentary photography. Representing the young group of the independent photographers Cesura, Gabriele Micalizzi will be present to converse with participants. On Friday at 17:00, visitors at Sala delle Terrazze will have the opportunity to see the exhibit in the company of the curator. 

 Through annual public contests, juries composed of various panel members select the work to be exposed. Areas of interest are: contemporary issues, relative also to the research of sustainable environment and energy; an under 35 category; support for the female perspective, inviting women to partake in photography; Circuit Off (born in 2016) through which particularly appreciated images are selected. 

 Opening last May 10 in Venice, this year’s travelling exhibition tells the story, through photography, of how the Mediterranean becomes an experimental place, where cultures and the arts co-exist, dialogue and are intertwined. 

 From current issues to the relationship between culture and society, the complexity of the Mediterranean, in the last years, is narrated through the Southern European collection involving several cities in Italy. In each location, a series of spaces welcome the shows of selected photographers. The collection deals with different genres of photographs and is interested in dialogue among generations of photographers, as much as the development of knowledge and reflections that surround the Mediterranean culture. Photographs are the medium; they thus are communicators that become fundamental facilitators to invite people to see, to open up to new points of view and examine different cultures from one’s own. 

 The show leaves ample space to Mediterranean culture. Considering its diversity and contemporary novelty, the territory is considered an ideal place where to tell its story, finding some of its roots through interaction. 

 For this edition, the exhibition has received support from the European Commission, The City of Naples, the City of Settimo Torinese, Italian Journalist Association, the Mediterranean University Union and with partnership from the Academia of Belle Arti of Naples, the National 

Library of Naples, the Metropolitan Culture Experience Foundation and Freidan Eco-museum of Settimo Torinese. 

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