Fendi to finance more fountain restorations

One of the fountains to be renovated, the Acqua Paola Fountain


  ROME - Following the eagerly-anticipated reopening of Trevi fountain, the fashion house Fendi has announced that it will finance the restoration of four more symbolic fountains of Rome.

  They will now invest 300,000 euros in the maintenance and minor restorations on the Acque Paola Fountain, the Fountain of Moses, the Fountain of the Nymph, and the Peschiera Fountain.

  The Acqua Paola fountain - also known as the Fontanone (the Big Fountain) - sits at the top of the Janiculum Hill at the San Pancrazio gate. It features prominently in the opening sequences of Paolo Sorrentino's 2013 Oscar-winning film The Great Beauty.

  The Fountain of the Nymph on the Pincio Hill is one of the symbolic works of Italian Neoclassical architect and urban designer Giuseppe Valadier (1762-1839).

  The Fountain of Moses in Piazza San Bernardo was erected between 1585 and 1589 as a display for the end of the Acqua Felice aqueduct..

  The Peschiera Fountain in Piazzale degli Eroi was built in 1949 in anticipation for the 1950 Jubilee.

  "This is how Fendi shows its love for Rome," said Fendi President and CEO Pietro Beccari, when the Trevi Fountain was turned back on last week after months of being covered in scaffolding.

  "Since the house was founded in 1925, Rome has been a great source of inspiration for Fendi...its fountains are one of the symbols of the capital, but also a recurring theme in our history," he said.