Train of 400 children to meet Pope

 ROME-A train carrying 400 children from Naples will arrive on Saturday in the Eternal City to meet Pope Francis as part of an initiative organized by Italian national railway service.

 The train will leave from Naples’ central station first thing in the morning and will welcome aboard pupils from six schools from the periphery of the capital of Campania region.

 Once they have arrived at the station they will join the students from two other schools in Rome and together they will visit St Peter’s Basilica and after that they will meet Pope Francis. The children will also have the opportunity to visit the Colosseum later during the day.

 The Ferrovie dello stato national train service will pull out all the necessary stops to ensure that the children have a safe and enjoyable experience and that they are left with great memories.

 This trip is an example of one of the many social initiatives that have been carried out by Ferrovie dello stato group in recent years.