Prince Harry reveals winning Expo design at MAXXI

 ROME-Prince Harry announced Wolfgang Buttress to design the UK pavilion for Expo 2015 Milan during his visit to the eternal city - hundreds gathered to welcome the prince at Great Britain in Rome event, which celebrated British products and culture in the lead up to the unveiling ceremony.

 Prince Harry was joined by Christopher Prentice (British Ambassador to Italy), Hannah Corbett (UK Commissioner General) and Giuseppe Sala (Commissioner for the Italian Government for Expo Milan) to announce which one of the eight innovative designs had been selected to represent Great Britain for Expo 2015 Milan.

 The Milan Expo is the last in the series of international universal Expositions, which give nations the opportunity to showcase the best of their culture and industry.

 Wolfgang Buttress’ design was officially announced the winner and, according to Prince Harry, its unique beehive feature perfectly portrays the theme of feeding the planet. The MAXXI (National Museum of Contemporary Art), which was designed by the British architect Zaha Hadid, proved a more than adequate venue to reveal which design would make the all important contribution to British design history.

 Hannah Corbett spoke of the advantageous Italian-British relationship and expressed her hope that the Expo will encourage people to help overcome the global challenge of feeding the growing population, which is set to reach nine billion in 2015; “UK, a food trading nation that invests over one billion in research, comes to Milan where there are outstanding opportunities for trade an investment”.

 Ms Corbett claims that they wanted the UK pavilion to create a magical feel for visitors, especially children and she is confident that Mr Buttress’ design will do this by delivering lasting memories of the UK and capturing British strength.

 Prince Harry, who looked elegant and relaxed in a navy blue suit and a pale pink tie, supported Hannah Corbett’s speech by expressing his hope that Expo 2015 will encourage people to act now before it’s too late.

 Prince Harry’s military experience makes the UK pavilion’s chosen themes of sustainability and development particularly important to him; “Themes of sustainability and development are close to my heart as I’ve seen at first hand, particularly in Lesotho, what our work can do. Together we can succeed in bringing hope and a brighter future to children around the world.”

 Earlier in the day saw the Great Britain in Rome campaign; an all day event dedicated to Great Britain that marked the vitality of the relationship between Italy and the UK and that showcased the best Great Britain has to offer.

 Various workshops surrounded the MAXXI museum in order to promote the UK. Some of these workshops included the tasting of traditional British food and drink such as Mcvitie’s digestive biscuits, Kettle crisps, Twinings tea and various beer and alcohol brands. In addition, a photo booth with strictly British props, such as The Beatles merchandise, and seminars on topics like studying in the UK, were set up whilst in the background were musical and dance performances.