Enea technician hanging in baby call girl mystery

ROME -- A technician from the Enea nuclear energy agency has committed suicide apparently for fear his use of an under-age call girl network might become known to investigators, police said Sunday.

 The man, an electrician who had taken part in a number of Enea expeditions to the Antaractic, hanged himself April 29 in the Enea building at Casaccia on the northern outskirts of Rome and mentioned in a note he left the network of "baby prostitutes" uncovered recently in Rome's Parioli district involving high school girls as young as 14 and 15, police sources said.

 He was apparently concerned that his involvement with the girls become known to police after the press disclosed that investigators using telephone tabulations have drawn up a list of scores of clients of the girls including four senior functionaries of UN agencies in Rome, the FAO and IFAD.

 "The inquiry into the baby squillo case seems to have more surprises in store," il Tempo newspaper commented, "because the clients included important people. That was the case with several phone calls on the mobiles of the two prostitutes that were made directly from the FAO (the Food and Agriculture Organisation, a UN agency)."