MEP slams Andor's blind eye to UK lettori

BRUSSELS -A UK MEP has demanded to know why Commissioner Andor wants sanctions on Switzerland over free movement but condones Italy's discrimination of foreign lettori.

 "The discrimination against the UK lecturers in Italy has been an ongoing case for 30 years," said Emma McCLarkin, MEP for East Midlands in the priority question tabled to the European Parliament on Thursday. "Despite six ECJ judgements in their favour UK lecturers are denied equal treatment."

"Commissioner Andor recently called for sanctions against Switzerland, excluding them from the Erasmus + programme and Horizon 2020 projects, following reneging on its free movements of workers commitments," she continued.

"What actions should be taken by the Commission against Italy for non adherence to ECJ rulings and can you confirm what actions will be taken to rectify this and when?" Ms McClarkin demanded to know.