Rome police chief arrested in graft probe

ROME—The former head of Rome's municipal police Angelo Giuliani has been placed under house arrest on charges of alleged corruption and fraud.

 According to the statement issued by the public prosecutor’s office in Rome, Giuliani played the principal role in securing a contract for a company in charge of cleaning the streets after car accidents, a favour for which he was to receive a 30.000 euro reward.

  Following the accusation, three associates of “Sicurezza e ambiente” were also put under house arrest while the investigations are in progress.

 Aside from the charge of corruption, Giuliani is facing an accusation of fraudulent misrepresentation in public office. Roman prosecutors have raised claims of malpractice regarding his candidature for president of the jury responsible for recruitment of police officers in 2012.

 Giuliani, who, at the time, in light of a scandal involving unauthorised construction works, had already been removed from his position, would not have been eligible to be elected as president. According to Roman magistrates, documents were fabricated to ensure validity of his candidature.

 The timely intervention by the then mayor of Rome Gianni Alemanno with regard to the legitimacy of the jury resulted in amendments made to its ultimate composition.

 The list of accusations does not end there: as stated in the arrest warrant, the ex-chief of municipal police repeatedly threatened the then mayor Alemanno in conversations they had prior to his dismissal.

 Further investigations are being carried out with regard to the former general director of RAI, Alfredo Meocci, accused of corrupt practices as a member and 'consigliere' of the authorities responsible for overseeing public works and utilities. According to the magistrates, Meocci gave his approval to the decision by which “Sicurezza e Ambiente” was assigned the contract in question, despite the negative judgment expressed by the authorities regarding the tender in 2012.

  In return for his endorsement, in addition to some financial benefits, a person chosen by Meocci was to be given a lucrative post within the company’s ranks.