Missing Italian reporter confirmed to be alive

Missing Italian reporter Domenico Quirico

ROME-- Domenico Quirico, the Italian reporter who has been missing in Syria for 58 days has been in touch with his wife through a brief telephone call, reports Mario Calabresi, the head of the Italian press.

The phone call has provided confirmation that Quirico is still alive, though Calabresi has emphasised that "we still no nothing more", and it is important to now focus on where he is and how he can be brought home. He spoke of his trust in the authorities to help secure Quirico’s safe return and hopes that the phone call can mark the beginning of a very delicate journey that will lead to his homecoming.

The Italian Minisiter of Foregin Affiars, Emma Bonino, confirmed the situation; "There was very short contact between Quirico and his family". She explained how authorities are now trying to piece together the source and location from where the phone call was made in order to obtain more information about Quirico’s whereabouts. She appealed to the media to remain sensitive and to maintain a certain level of secrecy in order to help facilitate a successful outcome of this on-going and difficult case.