Grenfell Tower trial delayed until 2027, 'shameful' 10 year wait for justice

   ROME -- The families of the young Italian couple who died in the Grenfell Tower fire learnt that the trial will not go ahead until 2027, 10 years after the incident, denouncing the delay as "shameful". 

  June 14 marks the seven year anniversary since the Grenfell Tower tragedy, a high rise building in North Kensington, London, where 72 people died. Among the victims were young Italian couple, Gloria Trevisan 26, from Camposampiero in Padova, and 27 year old Marco Gottardi from San Stino di Lvenza in Venice.

  The families of the victims only learnt in recent days that the trial will not go ahead until either 2027 or 2028. In response to the news, Gloria’s mother, Emmanuela Disarò wrote a letter to her daughter and her partner.

  “Very beloved Gloria and Marco, it has now been seven years since that tragic night and inevitably the memory of it brings a whirlwind of emotions. Pain, powerlessness, anger, injustice and everything that we have had to face until today all resurface. Who knows what our lives would have been like if this had not happened.It is the question that we ask most often. We imagine you married and happy parents, excellent architects and with happy children to share the most beautiful moments of your life with. Unfortunately we are constrained to live through dreams and memories.”

  Giannino Gottardi, Marco’s father, outraged by the delay in the trial explained “We hope that this light will never fade and this inhumane tragedy will not be left to oblivion. We parents have never asked for anything, we are not asking for it, and we will never ask for it.”

  “From what I am aware of the Italian government has moved very little on the matter in these last seven years, a decisive and diplomatic effort is needed. Every six months, more or less, there is some setback which delays the start date of the trial. I understand everything. But much less these postponements. There is not a certain date for the start of the hearing. We do not accept this.”

  President of the Veneto regional council, Luca Zaia, responded to the delay in the trial, and called on the Italian government to work with the English for a solution. “With respect to the laws and autonomy of the English magistrate, I want to strongly say that I consider it shameful that Gloria and Marco’s parents must wait ten years for justice. These are intolerable times for those who live in the suffering of memory.”