G7 security preparations in disarray as cruise ship found in 'inhumane' condition

  ROME -- A cruise ship in the port of Brindisi which was expected to host 2,600 security agents for the G7 summit, was found in “inhumane sanitary conditions” trade unions have said. 

  Police, Carabinieri, and Finance Police officers had already arrived at the port in preparation for the G7 summit which begins on Thursday in Borgo Egnazia. 

  The Mykonos Magic ship, previously known as the Costa Magica, had been rented for 6 million euros before being found with water leaks, dirty rooms, and broken air conditioners, leaving the Interior Ministry scrambling to find accommodation for the 2,600 workers. 

  The Mykonos Magic was compared to an “old slave ship” by trade unions Arma Sim, Fiamme Gialle Silf, the Police Silp, Coisp and Uil, who all denounced the “shameful situation” and “inhumane sanitary conditions”. The unions have requested corrective measures to be taken. 

  With videos circulating of puddles of water and dirty beds on the cruise ship, the Department for Public Safety explained that they “have immediately relocated 1,262 workers” as the sanitary conditions did not “correspond with contractual requirements”. 

  “We have just been informed that another ship will arrive in Brindisi by Wednesday, containing 520 beds, that will allow the disembarkment of the same number of agents from the Mykonos magic,” Valter Mazzetti, the secretary of the FSP State Police added. 

  Nicola Magno, National Secretary of the New Carabinieri Syndicate (NCS) explained, “The NCS, with the Regional Secretary Cataldo Demitri, have been on the spot since the early hours of yesterday, in close contact with the workers and the administration, from which it has learnt that 70 per cent of military personnel have been moved to hotel facilities in the six provinces of Apulia.” 

  Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, boosted by her success at the EU elections is also already in Apulia with Minister Fitto preparing the final details of the Summit. She will be joined by President Mattarella in Brindisi, who will welcome leaders at the Swabian Castle. Leaders are expected to discuss political and military support for Ukraine, breaking the lock on Russian assets, immigration, and AI.