Italian journalist attacked in his own home, warned to 'mind your f***ing business'

  ROME -- Journalist, Alberto Dandolo, has been “beaten to a pulp” in his Milan home by two unknown aggressors, according to reports directly from his online investigative and muckraking news site, Dagospia. 

  The journalist, who writes for Oggi and Dagospia, was warned “Ti devi fare i cazzi tuoi, la devi smettere di rompere i coglioni” (you need to mind your own fucking business, you need to stop pissing us off) by the two assailants. 

  Dagospia published an image of Dandolo’s bandaged hand following the attack. “We are used to pressure, threats, complaints, injunctions. Now we are used to physical violence. But we will continue to do our job and report until it is no longer possible,” they added. 

  Many within the journalism field have taken to X to share their support for Dandolo. Executive Director for Oggi, Carlo Verdelli wrote: “Who beat Alberto Dandolo to a pulp, a good-natured and knowledgeable journalist for Oggi and Dagospia? On whose behalf? And to whom “should he no longer piss off”? Even the line of physical violence has been crossed. It is very serious, I hope that is clear to everyone.”

  The president of FNSI, the unitary trade union of Italian journalists, Vittorio Di Trapani added “The attack that Alberto Dandolo endured is very serious: a major step in this hateful climate. I hope that the aggressors will soon be identified. To whom does he ‘not have to piss off’? Utmost sympathy to him, to Dagospia and to Oggi.”

  It is currently unclear what Dandolo may have written to provoke the attack.