Ferragosto: A Celebration of Inclusive Solidarity

Cocomerata in Rebibbia.

 ROME – On Tuesday, Ferragosto will be celebrated to ‘catch a break’ from working during the hottest month, thanks to Sant'Egidio association, it will be a celebration of inclusive solidarity.

 Embracing the spirit of Ferragosto, the Sant’Egidio association is stepping forward to highlight the importance of solidarity - orchestrating a variety of events in response to abandonment, the rising costs of living, and the widespread negativity felt due to the ongoing situation in Ukraine . 

 This year’s Ferragosto celebrations on Aug. 15, will establish new, powerful connections. In an effort to ensure inclusivity, the association has thoughtfully embraced individuals who might have been excluded otherwise, by extending the invitation to people coming from vulnerable communities such as: the elderly living alone, the homeless, migrants - some of whom arrived through humanitarian corridors and have since become integrated into their new communities. In a heartwarming twist, some of these established members will be aiding newcomers, including several Afghans who, precisely two years ago, escaped from Kabul following the events that began on Aug. 15, 2021.

 The meeting for the ‘Lunch of Friendship’ (pranzo dell’amicizia) is scheduled to commence at 12 a.m. in the canteen located in Via Dandolo 10, Rome. The members of Sant’Egidio ensured inclusivity, welcoming individuals with disabilities and the homeless who now have a home thanks to the association. At 7 p.m. a party was organized by the ‘Villetta della Misericordia’ inside the area of the Policlinico Gemelli hospital, a festive rendezvous dedicated to the homeless and their loved ones.

 Another event is set to take place on Tuesday at 9.30 a.m in Rome, the prison located in Rebibbia will see 2500 inmates partaking in the ‘cocomerata’, where they will share and enjoy the cocomero (watermelon) among themselves, as per the tradition. This event will take place during a challenging period for Italian correctional facilities, as highlighted by the recent tragedies that unfolded in the Turin prison.

 As the Ferragosto celebrations unfold, the essence of solidarity will transcend Rome, radiating across the nation with festivities and events planned for cities including Milan, Padua, Naples, and other Italian municipalities.


Logo of the Sant'Egidio association in charge of organizing the inclusive events.