'Il Tempo Della Vite' educational vineyard opens to the public

Il Tempo Della Vite vineyard.

 ANNONE VENETO - An educational vineyard created by Casa Paladin opens the doors to the public.

 'Il Tempo della Vite' (The Time of the Vine) is an innovative project conceived by the Paladin in 2020 to allow visitors to fully enter the winemaking world. The open-air laboratory measures over 10,000 square meters and is located on the opposide side of the Villa, the official headquarters of Casa Paladin (Via Postumia, 12 – Annone Veneto, VE).

 The aim of the vineyard is to be an educational space and to provide an unparalleled winemaking experience for students, visitors and wine enthusiasts. The project illustrates both the ordinary and the experimental methods to perform viticulture and is in constant evolution in order to offer the most up-to-date knowledge in order to offer the best experience to the visitors. The newest addition to the park is the ‘Aromatic Plant Garden’ - a hill where different types of aromatic plants have been planted - eucalyptus, geranium, raspberry, tomato, laurel, mint and many others - to rediscover the scents of the wines. In addition, Casa Paladin organizes sensory tasting, a new, uncommon experience to accompany the other tastings. Thanks to the plants in the garden and the aromatic ampoules that are created, visitors will be able to discover all the different aspects of the numerous facets of the wine being tasted: a complete journey involving all the senses.

 Il Tempo della Vite park will open its doors to all the winery’s visitors and students from just primary school up to university. The project is realized in collaboration with the University of Padua, University of Milan, University of Bolzano and the CREA Organization, that allows the company to be sustainable all around through the Program of Protection of the 4Vs - Vite (Vine), Verde (Green), Vino (Wine) and Vita (Life).

 The Paladin Family carries a history of passion and respect for the land since 1962, maintaining its values of respecting the land while offering an excellent and unique experience. In recent years the company has focused on wine tourism, shaping their offers to visitors by undersanding their needs as well as maintaining their work sustainable in all aspects. The frequency of events related to customized tastings and collaborations with local wineries has been steadily increasing. The monthly ‘Yoga in Cantina’ event (to be resumed in September) is an experience that embraces all the senses, while the new tasting ‘Armonia: Formaggio&Vino’ (Harmony: Cheese&Wine) combines six types of local cheeses with the wines produced by Casa Paladin, sourced from the local region.


Vine tasting experience.
Casa Paladin in Annone Veneto.