European Mediterranean excellence awards to announce its winners in Rome

The Campidoglio building

 ROME -- The European Mediterranean Excellence Awards, one of the most international prestigious awards contributing to peace, friendship and culture in the Euro-Mediterranean region, will announce its winners in December. 

 The Grand Prize Ceremony is to be held in Rome. Europe and the Mediterranean is not just a geographical region that covers Europe and the countries bordering the Mediterranean. This region, which brings together many different cultures and civilizations for a thousand years, has been the scene of relations in many fields including economy, culture, science, religion and linguistics.

 It is this outstanding contribution that promotes the Euro-Mediterranean Awards for Excellence for the first time encouraging other international bodies entrusted with the responsibility to foster culture diversity in the Euro-Mediterranean region as the E-Novation Foundation and the European and Mediterranean Journalists' Association.

 An independent commission will select those who contributed to international, cultural and social relations, both individually and institutionally, in the countries of the Euro-Mediterranean region in recent years.

 “Today, more than ever, we need exemplary people, namely ambassadors, who contribute to the development of society by spreading a culture of respect and promoting cooperation between people. There are endless hidden resources in Europe and in this region, which includes the Mediterranean in a broader framework, which must be evaluated and protected together with new generations," said  Dundar Kesapli, International Journalist and the founder of European and Mediterranean Journalists' Association.

 “Euro-Mediterranean is an international event focusing on cases of excellence inspired by the iconic values  of sustainability and the pursuit of balance between different dimensions of sustainability,”  stated Massimo Lucidi, President of the e-Novation Foundation. 

 For this purpose, the Euro-Mediterranean Awards of Excellence will find their owners in a ceremony that will take place in the historic Campidoglio building in the heart of Rome in December. This year, distinguished figures from the Mediterranean and Europe, as well as Italy, will appear at the award ceremony.