Andrew 'Dial a quote' Wallace-Hadrill honoured by Naples Oriental University

Andrew Wallace-Hadrill and Roberto Tottoli

 NAPLES - - Naples' Oriental University has awarded Prof. Andrew Wallace-Hadrill, known to journalists when he was head of the British School in Rome as "Professor dial a quote," because of his willingness to provide esteemed opinions on archeology, an Honourary Degree in East and West Archaeology.

 The award, called the Laurea Honoris Causa was conferred the other day to Wallace Hadrill, the former long-serving director of the British School in Rome and of the Herculaneum Conservation Project (HCP).

 The Director of the Archaeological Park of Herculaneum, Francesco Sirano declared: “Andrew Wallace-Hadrill's studies have been of fundamental importance, particularly in the field of domestic archaeology and Roman topography.”

 He added: “Our site has hugely benefited from the great work that Andrew did at HCP, and even after his experience ended, with scientific publications and outreach activities he contributed to the knowledge of Herculaneum and the entire Vesuvian area at an international level.”

 Following international work with the Packard Humanities Institute, excavations and perhaps the most important outcome, the first multi-year cycles of planned maintenance, are underway at HCP.

 As Jane Thompson, who leads the public-private partnership for the Packard Foundation today, notes, "the path embarked upon in 2001 has proved to be effective and far-sighted beyond all expectations, proving how the openness of institutions to new forms of partnership was the key to improvements in the conservation and enhancement of Italy's cultural heritage.”

 The ceremony was attended by the rector Roberto Tottoli, the director of the Asia, Africa and Mediterranean Department Laudatio, Andrea Manzo and a professor of Archaeology and History of Roman Art, Fabrizio Pesando.

 Upon being given the award, Andrew Wallace-Hadrill delivered the Lectio magistralis “A View from Miseno: Pliny the Elder's Perspective on Nature and Luxury.”


Andrew Wallace-Hadrill