Atelier Teatro presents 'Le mille e una piazza' festival dedicated to bringing ancient theatre classics back to open spaces

 ROME - Popular theatre returns to Milan with "Palchi Fioriti", the spring session of Atelier Teatro's "Le mille e una piazza" festival, now in its fourth edition. The festival brings Greek and Latin classics back to urban parks and gardens with free performances suitable for audiences of all ages, staged from May 13 to June 10 2023.    

 Once again this year, the protagonists of the spring festival are spontaneous gathering places such as parks and urban gardens on the outskirts of the city. “For the community to continue to reflect and reflect on itself, it is necessary that stories continue to be told,” says Giulia Salis, founder of Atelier Teatro. “That is why the name of the festival, Le mille e una piazza, is a tribute to the mythical Shahrazad, whose survival depends on the ability to tell old and new stories every day.  “

 Since 2020, the Festival has brought more than 80 free performances of popular theatre to many meeting places (urban gardens and squares) in the Milanese suburbs. On stage in this spring session (which will be followed by "Autumn Tales") are 7 unmissable shows and 2 concerts that will involve the public celebrating the "season of rebirth." 

 The "Palchi fioriti" festival aims to recover the public dimension in which theatre originated: the Greek and Latin classics were born to be performed in the open air, addressing a complex and stratified society that reflected on social conflicts by staging them. Too often confined within the walls of auteur theatre aimed at a few connoisseurs, the classics will invade city parks, rediscovering their original dimension as a collective experience.

 The flowering parks of the Milanese spring will see the works of Aristophanes, Apuleius, and for the first time Plautus' Menecmi, by the company V.A.N. Verso Nuove Narrazioni. The company will also stage "The Birds", "The Clouds" and "Pluto and Peace" and Carlo Boso's rewriting of the most famous Latin fable: "The Golden Ass" by Apuleius. 

 The beginning and end of the festival will also be celebrated with two folk music concerts. The three sister folk bands will bring the sounds of southern Italy to the festival's opening night on May 13, when the programme will be presented and the prize-giving ceremony of the 'Arena di Cyrano', a theatre competition in memory of Eugenio Allegri.

 Atelier Teatro is a cultural association, a theatre company, but above all a way of thinking about theatre. For ten years it has been creating shows and training theatre professionals. Central to the Atelier proposal are also pedagogical paths and specific seminars. Atelier Teatro is engaged in social projects to promote theatre culture: meetings and workshops in schools, activities in the territory, performances and conferences.

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