Exhibition showcasing ‘Le Marche’, the birthplace of Leopardi, to open in Rome

ROME - The exhibition “Le Marche - l'unicità delle molteplicità” will open next Thursday and run until May 28 in Palazzo Poli dedicated to the heritage of the region and the “excellent people” who have put it on the map including Giocoma Leopardi, one of Italy's greatest poets, curators said on Wednesday.

 According to the curator Alessandro Nicosia, the exhibition about Le Marche, the only Italian region whose name is in the plural, “tells the story of this plurality through its significant personalities”. That is, through the individuals born and raised in Le Marche who have “made it both a creative and competitive region.” Within the exhibition, visitors will be able to see a rich collection of documents, photos, videos and personal objects dedicated to these individuals who have made their names in the realm of sport, literature, music and art - including the likes of Giacomo Leopardi, Elisa di Francisca and Valentino Rossi. 

 Leopardi’s descendant, Countess Olimpia Leopardi, loaned to the exhibition two books belonging to the famous poet alongside some of his writing materials. Di Francisca, the fencing double gold medal winner at the 2012 London Olympics, has loaned her mask, sword and gloves. In the section of the exhibition dedicated to Raffaello Sanzio, the famous Renaissance artist, the last miniature of the artist painted whilst he was living will be shown. 

 Marco Bruschini, the Director of ATIM - Le Marche’s Tourism Agency, highlighted the significance of the exhibition’s location in the heart of Rome’s historic centre at Palazzo Poli saying “this region deserves to be a protagonist in Italy.” The Palazzo’s location next to the Trevi Fountain will draw in lots of tourist visitors, Bruschini hopes, and “open their eyes to the region of Le Marche.”

 Francesco Aquaroli, President of “Le Marche” explained that the region is working to promote “Le Marche” on national and international levels by opening up “new routes and new opportunities to showcase the region.” 

 He also explained the importance of encouraging the “Le Marche” people themselves, who must “never lose sight of the marvellous beauty and uniqueness of their land, in the hope of always keeping alive the pride of the “Le Marche” people in the memory of those that have made Le Marche and Italy great in the world.”

 Aquaroli explained the reasoning behind the choice of the title of the exhibition. He explained that “L’unicità delle molteplicità” (the uniqueness of multiplicities) was chosen as it expresses the identity of the region well. He explained that “Le Marche” is “the only Italian region to have a plural name, but which in its plurality knows how to be unique.” 

 Aquaroli went on to explain the region’s uniqueness commenting on “Le Marche’s” “breathtaking landscape, views and villages scattered among the mountains, hills and sea.” As well as its “excellence sense of savoir faire, its local products and the precious heritage resulting from a long cultural, artistic and manufacturing tradition.”

 Di Francisca, who was born in Jesi, a small town in the region, expressed her love for “Le Marche” explaining that it has always “felt like home.” In 2015 she was proud to showcase the beauties of Jesi whilst presenting a television programme called “Sei in un paese meraviglioso” (You are in a wonderful little town).