Democratic Party elects Elly Schlein as first female secretary

 ROME -- Elly Schlein, age 37, has been elected as the first female secretary for the Democratic Party, making her the youngerst and first woman in Italian history to lead the left. 

 Ms Schlein said that she will have three priorities as secretary, “minimum wage, the environment, and work”, warning Meloni that the Democratic Party will “be a problem with Georgia Meloni’s government.” In her speech, she announced that she aims on being a government for the poor saying that she intends to defend the financially vulnerable in Italy against a government (Meloni’s government) that punishes them. She also wants to make changes to the government’s role regarding education, saying that “we will be in defense of public schools when the government is silent in the face of a squad attack”. Finally, she announced that she intends to act as a barricade against any and all cuts in healthcare spending, showed sympathy towards migrants, and condemned the Italian state for their lack of action concerning the Calabrian Shipwreck, demonstrating a solid alliance with the more vulnerable groups in Italy. 

 Schlein won with a 7.6 percent margin against Stefano Bocaninni, marking the first time that the voter election has a different outcome than the member election outcome, but her fellow party members have shown support for her victory. Bocaninni himself said that: “The first thing I ask is to give Elly Schlein a round of applause, I heard her and congratulated her, good luck for the great responsibility she assumes at the helm of the party.”

 Dario Frascheschini, founding member of the Democratic Party has also commented on her victory: “An overwhelming wave that no one believed. A wave of hope, anger, pride, and enthusiasm led the democratic people to choose to be guided toward the future by a young woman. Today really begins a new story.” Enrico Letta who previously held the role of the secretary tweeted: “Best wishes to Elly, she will succeed where I didn't"

 Politicians of other parties have also expressed their opinion on Schlein’s triumph, including prime minister Giorgia Meloni who said: “Congratulations to Elly Schlein and congratulations to the Democratic Party for the mobilization of its voters in the congress. I hope that the election of a young woman at the helm of via del Nazareno can help the left to look ahead and not back.”

 Schlein herself has shown immense excitement and gratitude regarding her victory, and has sent a clear message to her voters and the rest of Italy: “This vote is a clear mandate for change. A people has come together and responded to our call, our responsibility is to never betray this trust.”