Confidential papers leaked, as Cospito's case intensifies

 ROME- the Alfredo Cospito affair, the anarchist on hunger strike who is facing life in prison on terrorist charges, intensifies as deputy of ‘Fratelli di Italia’ leaks classified information in the chambers. 

 The Cospito affair has been discussed at length within the chambers and has been causing increased outrage since Giovanni Donzelli, the Deputy for the Meloni government, exposed sensitive information. The confidential information Donzelli used to attack the Democratic Party surrounding the affair would have never been available to him legally and has now prompted an investigative report by cabinet chief Alberto Rizzo. 

 The Undersecretary of Justice of ‘Fratelli di Italia’, Andrea Demastro, has already admitted that he had reported the confidential information to his colleague. According to Delmastro, accusations that he had shown Donzelli recordings of conversations between Cospito and mafia bosses are false and that he only has access to reports, further stating that these reports were not classified and that he would have given the same information to any other deputy.

 Donzelli also said that “What I reported were not interceptions, but a conversation picked up in prison and included in a report from the Ministry of Justice, the content of which, as a parliamentarian, I could be made aware of”. He reportedly sees the accusations against him as a distraction from the case and the role that the Democratic Party has played in it, as he believes the left is on the side of the terrorists, not the state. He also denies that the information was confidential, as any member of parliament would have had access to it. Claims have since been refuted due to the close interpersonal relationship between Donzelli and Demastro, being currently roommates, it would be unlikely that any other member of parliament would have access to that information. 

 Both Donzelli and Demastro are being requested to resign by members of opposing parties, however, both deny any wrongdoing and the future of their careers relies heavily on the outcomes of the investigative reports.