Italy believes in high-tech. No drop in ICT investments despite time of crisis

MILAN - Earthquake in the technology sector with the mass lay-offs of the world's biggest tech executives. But digital innovation doesn't stop, with ICT budgets even positive for 2023 and 27% of PNRR funds earmarked for digital transition...

These days, the mass redundancies among the Big-Tech giants are sparking debate and controversy. Meta is just the latest in the series, following the downsizing already planned by Twitter's new owner, Elon Musk, but other realities, which have also undergone recent corporate restructuring, are not spared, including TikTok, perhaps the most popular social media outlet at present.

But, nevertheless, the digital innovation does not show signs of stopping. In fact, the forecast for 2023 is positive, in which companies are expected to invest more and more in ICT (Information Communications and Technology), although the international crisis context and the shortage of commodities, which has already affected the production and availability of microchips over the past year. An evolution that is strongly related to the concept of sustainability, in the perspective of developing projects designed to reduce consumption and to implement intelligent systems.

This reality is well known to sectors such as gaming, which have been focusing their objectives on this direction. Now, software providers are producing half a dozen new titles every month to expand the online slots palimpsest already present in the digital market, and it is clear that the level of competitiveness in this sector requires the development of highly innovative digital content to be brought to market. Companies that not only have to stay abreast of the times, but also stay one step ahead of their competitors.

An innovation that goes through HTML5 technology and its versatility, which is well suited to the requirements of users who are more and more inclined to mobile fruition and released from the obligation to download and therefore from storage capacities of the device. An innovation that goes through user demographic studies to improve engagement and user experience. 

But the road to innovation doesn't end there: the resources introduced are plentiful, from new ways of playing games, to Big Data (considered the petroleum of the 21st century), to the development of specific fields of artificial intelligence.

As Henry Kissinger said: "When there is a crisis, passivity only increases impotence: in the end, we are forced to act on the very issues and under the least favourable conditions."