Macedonia eliminates Italy from 2022 World Cup

The Italian team 2022 Photo: FIGC

 PALERMO – For the second tournament in a row, Italy has not qualified for the Football World Cup, this time after it lost to lowly North Macedonia on Thursday, sports sources said. The coach, Roberto Mancini has been called to resign.

 Italy lost to North Macedonia 0-1, when Aleksandar Trajkovski picked up the ball in the 92nd minute and scored a sensational goal from outside the area. North Macedonia fans exalted, while Italy's players and coaching staff fell to their knees in bitter disappointment.

 Mancini is credited with rebuilding the national team, in its game, its identity and its spirit, and he will be remembered for having brought the team to victory in the European Championships. However papers speculate he may have become too sure of himself like other coaches before him such as Enzo Bearzot and Arrigo Sacchia.

 Fans say change is clearly needed for improvements to be seen in the Azzurri’s performance.



Roberto Mancini