Loro Piana distances itself from Putin after parka controversy

Russian President Vladimir Purin wearing the 12,000 euro parka

 QUARONA, MILAN – Loro Piana, an Italian clothing brand owned by French group LVMH, officially distanced itself from Vladimir Putin after a parka from its latest collection was worn by the Russian president at the Moscow stadium on Friday, as told by the Ansa news agency.

 Putin appeared in the Loro Piana parka on the stage of the Olympic stadium in Moscow during a celebration of the anniversary of the annexation of the Crimea. The Russian president spoke to the nation in front of cameras wearing the 12,000 euro Italian coat signed by Loro Piana.

 Loro Piana is a leading Piemontese brand specializing in cashmere clothes. In 2013, French luxury brand LVMH purchased an 80 percent stake of the Loro Piana fashion company.

 After Putin appeared wearing the parka, controversy arose on social media, to which the representatives of the Italian clothing brand clearly responded.

 “LVMH, the group to which Loro Piana belongs, has immediately distanced itself. It is clear which side we have decided to stand on,” said Pier Luigi Loro Piana, head of the family business. 

 Loro Piana emphasised that the fashion company has already cut off supplies to Russia and closed their boutiques for an indefinite period. Moreover, Loro Piano is planning to organise help for Ukrainian people through solidarity associations. 

 “That coat has been produced for some time and we do not know when his purchase dates back to. We were faced with publicity that was certainly not pleasant while in reality we are helping the Ukrainian people,” he added. The company has also been providing blankets and wool products for Ukrainians fleeing the war and for those who have lost everything in the bombings.

 “Putin should think about what he is doing to people living in Ukraine,” concluded Loro Piana



Pier Luigi Loro Piana