Qatar ready for kickoff to host 2022 World Cup

General Secretary Mansoor Al Ansari with Dundar Kesapli
 DOHA - The Qatar Football Association (QFA) General Secretary Mansoor Al Ansari talked to journalist Dundar Kesapli about the 2022 World Cup, just under a year away.
 Al Ansari talked about the Qatar national team's success and expressed their enthusiasm and excitement for hosting the next World Cup. "We're very happy with the level of football so far,  having done very well in the Gold Cup this past summer," he said. "We turned it at third place and made it to semi-final."
 In particular, Al Ansari discussed the Qatar-Algeria football match. "Also, as you know, today we are playing some finales against Algeria wich is a big match for us. We participated in the European qualifiers. All this was really great experience for preparation of a national team to be able to represent Qatar during the World Cup."
 Al Ansari also gave his opinion about European champions Italy and Portugal competing for a place at the championship. He said that whether Italy, North Macedonia, Portugal and Turkey were successful or not in the past, it will not affect the World Cup 2022 champions result.
He said "It is exciting to see that is happening. But, it is also sad because you always hope that these top teams always be at the World Cup due to the history they have all achievement and achieved. But, it also showcases how football is developing all over the world."
 He added that a championship is not a certain gain for future championship and emphasized that football needs to be developed all over the world. He pointed out to the FIFA's role in this sense saying "And that is a main role that where FIFA's role is to have developed around the world. Champions at the last World Cup are not the same for this World Cup unless of course they prove us otherwise. But, hopefully, the best team will be able to qualified."
 He finished by saying "Everything is ready here. We look forward to hosting the football teams and fans here in Doha. They will get the chance to experience our culture and hospitality."
 This will be the first World Cup held in the Middle East, and the last to feature 32 teams before expanding to 48 in 2026. It's also the first World Cup held outside May, June or July to avoid Qatar's searing summertime heat.