Love and money: do they go together?

  Most of us define the perfection of life by having a healthy love and a wealthy financial state. But with this imperfect and unpredictable reality, can we have the best of both worlds? Can someone have all the odds be in their favor? Does a perfect life, where money and love go together, possibly exist?

  The truth is, it's not entirely impossible. Finding the ideal relationship is always the key in everything we do, in every location we go, and in every person we encounter. When you find something and someone that matches your thinking, preferences, and the choices that you're likely to make, everything in your life can go well together. So, for you to be able to say that money and love can get smoothly together, you have to:

  Find the right partner

  It is why it is important to take a financial compatibility quiz at the early stages of your relationship to identify possible money-related problems that might occur in the long run. You can never expect to have a smooth-sailing relationship and good financial management when you and your partner share the polar opposite ideas of handling money. 

  It's either you give up having a perfect balance or keep your spending and saving habits from your partner to avoid further conflict. When you acknowledge your differences, you can think of ways, together, on how to handle the situation and how to overcome possible disputes that might arise without causing much damage to your relationship.

  This can also help you and your partner feel less awkward when talking about financial matters and teach you how to compromise with each other's differing preferences. A love that is rooted in trust and commitment should not be easily swayed by problems caused by worldly possessions, such as money. 

  But, if you're with the right partner who shares the same interests as you, never will your relationship be shaken, for you know that you have someone who not only understands you but would also be willing to take the same high road as you.

  Have the courage to talk about money and future financial goals with your partner

  If you're with the right person, matters like this shouldn't be such a sensitive topic to talk about. It is important to know what type of future your partner has for you and your relationship. When you're in a serious relationship, you should not be afraid to talk about financial management with your partner, especially if it has to do with the future life you both have planned. 

  The amount of time you need for these plans to be realized, the amount of effort you both will be putting in the process of making it into reality, and the amount of money you will need in this journey. Sharing your future and financial goals might be a difficult thing to do. You're afraid your ideas might get rejected, or if it turns out that your partner isn't at the same place as you are. 

  But talking about it is way better than letting your worries and concerns be suppressed and piled up until you decide to let it all blow out. This will highly make a tremendous negative impact on you and your partner's relationship. In everything you both do, and in every little thing that concerns you, proper communication is always a must.

  No, being the best in both worlds is not an easy job everyone can easily master. But, yes, this doesn't mean that it's entirely impossible to achieve either. Because when you're with the person who shares the same beliefs, does the same habits, and understands your differences, money and love can easily go together, without 'passing by too many rough roads. Compromise, communication, and proper calculation are the key.