DFDS ramps up Nuremberg to Trieste rail link

 TRIESTE -- DFDS is ramping up with additional weekly round-trip routes on Nuremberg-Trieste railway connection line, officials say. One of the leaders of maritime and logistics industries in Europe, DFDS continues to enhance its intermodal transport operations. Starting from Monday, DFDS in cooperation with Cobantur Boltas, has expanded with additional weekly round-trip routes on the direct railway connection line Nuremberg - Trieste that was put into service last autumn.

 Enhancing its intermodal transport infrastructure, DFDS Mediterranean Business Unit is ramping up with the 2nd newly added round-trip route on the Nuremberg - Trieste railway connection line that was put into service last autumn.

 On Mondaz DFDS launched routes connected to its railway connections, strengthening its sustainable supply chain services. The first solution of the Inter-modal competence center launched in partnership with primeRail Gmbh, the new line gets new routes. The new services allow trailers and truck beds loaded in Turkey to reach their recipients in Europe in an environmentally friendly and fast way in a period marked by the pandemic which has made logistics all the more crucial.

 "DFDS Mediterranean Business Unit continues to enhance its already powerful in-termodal infrastructure further," said Lars Hoffmann, the Head of DFDS Mediterranean Business Unit, about the new routes on the Nuremberg-Trieste connection line.

 "Our new line is the first solution of our intermodal competence centre in partnership with primeRail Gmbh. We are very happy to ramp up our range of services with new routes."

 DFDS provides transport and shipment services across Europe. More than 8,000 shipping agents rely on ship and port terminal services as well as flexible shipping and logistics services of DFDS.

 DFDS employs more than 8,000 people abroad and in offices in a network of more than 20 countries. Founded in 1866, the Copenhagen-based company is traded in Nasdaq Copenhagen.


 Trieste/Nuremberg         Thursday and Sunday.   

 Nuremberg/Trieste         Tuesday and Friday

 *For exact Timing please approach DFDS Istanbul.