Leonardo exhibition to begin virtual tours

  ROME - The permanent exhibition of Leonardo da Vinci in the Palazzo della Cancelleria has announced the launch of virtual tours through the gallery as museums throughout Italy have once again been forced to close due to the pandemic.

  The virtual tours will bring visitors through the incredible world of Leonardo's machines, artwork and inventions, and will include 3D holograms and video-mapping to draw the visitors ever closer to the work of the genius, discovering a hidden treasure at the end of the path. Attention to detail and high-resolution imaging will allow the visitor to spot the tiniest and most interesting details.

  The exhibition, curated by Augusto Biagi, has been on display at the Palazzo Cancelleria for ten years, using innovative inventions, multimedia technologies, workshops, events and attractions to explore the beautiful reproductions of Leonardo’s work.

  The tours, narrated by an art historian, will be available in Italian, English, French, German and Spanish, and participants will be given a bonus gift with the tour: the exhibition catalogue with photos of all the machines and inventions, along with the PDF of the descriptions.