Conf PMI signs historic agreement with Islamic businesses

  NOLA - On the back of Pope Francis’ visit to Iraq, where he promoted harmonious Christian-Muslim relations, Conf PMI, the representative organisation for small and medium sized businesses, and WHAD world halal development, the central halal certification authority in Italy, met this week to dicuss the commercialisation of Italian food and cosmetic products among citizens of the Islamic faith.

  The meeting was made possible by the work of Don Basilio Cali, Grand Master of the OSJ Knights of Malta, and collaborator with Conf PMI Italia.

  “It was a very profitable meeting,” said Tommaso Cerciello, President of Conf PMI, “with the President of WHAD world halal, lawyer Annamaria Aisha Tiozzo, we laid the foundations for the signing of an agreement and the beginning of a memorandum of understanding. The objective is to have a certifying body within the confederation which can play the role, in our companies both in Italy and abroad, of facilitator with businesses of the Islamic faith, taking into account their cultural and religious prerogatives. 

  “In the meantime, we welcome with great satisfaction the joining of WHAD world halal development and our organisation. We are convinced that together we will achieve important results.”

  This agreement between the two organisations will be an important step for the integration of Muslim companies into the Italian world of business.