Sardinia opens up as more schools close on mainland


  ROME - The latest Prime Ministerial coronavirus decree in Italy was marked by huge variation between the situation and resulting regulations of the different regions, and even within the regions themselves.

  While Sardinia has become the first region to have earned the right to be a white zone, with minimal regulations, there are many singles communes on the mainland now returning red again.

  All of Sardinia’s 207,000 students will now return to in person teaching, while Campania has just ordered all of its 995,000 students to remain at home for distanced teaching. There is a similar situation in other red zones as well, with a total of 273,000 students to be taught from home in Molise, Basilicata and Alto Adige. In the whole of Italy, three million students from primary school to high school, around a third of the student population, have been told to stay at home.

  The next Prime Ministerial decree will feature provisions to help parents cope with this situation, including measures for parental leave, and baby-sitter vouchers. Elena Bonetti, the Minister for Family and Equal Opportunities, has said that these measures will also be retroactive.

  These new measures mark almost a year since, on March 4, 2020, all students were sent home for the first national lockdown.

  In addition to the red zones, Piedmont, Lombardy, Emilia Romagna, Tuscany, Umbria, Marche, Abruzzo and Campania are now all orange zones, creating a very different picture from just a few weeks ago when all of Italy turned yellow and cases were falling. Eight regions are still yellow, including Lazio.

  Sunday saw 17,344 new cases, 192 deaths and over 257,000 tests, with a positivity rate of 6.8%.

  Sardinia turning white will hopefully mark a huge turning point in Italy fight against Covid-19. While masks and social distancing will still be required, the curfew in Sardinia will now be just 11:30pm-5:00am, and restaurants will be able to stay open to 11:00pm, and bars 9:00pm. 

  They will be allowed to reopen gyms, swimming pools, cinemas and theatres, though this may not come into effect until next week as local authorities still want to be cautious. Christian Solinas, the Regional President of Sardinia, has also announced that anyone arriving in Sardinia will have to show proof of a recent negative test or proof of vaccination.