Sapienza students get free covid swabs

Covid swab test

 ROME - The Sapienza University of Rome currently has a very specific duty to fulfill, given that the hope of any future certainty is swiftly being thwarted by the ongoing pandemic. Sapienza has therefore decided to do its utmost to combat “inequality” and the “educational loss”, which have bee aggravated by Covid-19. With these objectives, which is the “forth mission” that the university launched yesterday, marked the start of the new academic year. 

  Dean Antonella Polimeni established the aims for the university’s future: “the pandemic has dramatically widened the inequality gap” which has also increased “its devastating effects, giving way to a vicious cycle which is capable of obstructing the practise of fundamental rights, specifically including those who have a right to study.” 

  A way of changing the current trajectory of inequality, at a university level, must hence be established. The link between the world of study and the world of work must be reviewed, since the relationship between the two will inevitably change. “The university has been called upon to complete very challening tasks. The first is to succeed at providing students with what they need to tackle future challenges. There will be a change in work duties that will impact 50 per cent of students and so this requires flexibility in the teaching and formative systems. We play a fundamental role for the young, in the passage from school to the working world, a world that will be pervaded by new responsibilities, in medicine, in technological and digital transactions,” said the chancellor of the university, Cristina Messa.  

  As the second semester's lessons are restating, Sapienza is simulatenaously preparing itself to accomodate free screening - not only the first years but also some of the older students. As of 25 feb., it seems that students were able to book a molecular swab on the Ateneo website. The result will then be processed by the Policlinico Umberto I laboratory.

  Sapienza’s decision is assisting the steady return to normality by guaranteeing complete security of its students.