Turbulent year ahead for tourism

The Colosseum, Rome

  ROME - A survey that was released at the start of February revealed that only 22% of the 2000 non-hotel accommodation establishments thought that 2021 had got off to a better start than 2020. As a result of this study, led by Bed-and-Breakfast.it , the tourism industry is lacking hope for the year ahead.  

  Almost half, 44.7%, of non-hotel accommodation establishments have kept their doors closed to visitors, with some of them considering reopening before the summer. The summer is typically when the Italian tourism business thrives, yet it is still uncertain as to whether the pandemic will continue to pose problems for this industry. Indeed, 45% of businesses are still waiting for bookings for 2021.    

  As would be expected, the number of bookings for June is far greater, almost doubling, than those made for April and May. Let’s not forget that June is the last month in which the holiday bonus can be spent, which is still in the possession of more than 1,001,000 Italian families.  

 It seems that the number of bookings for the first half of 2021 will be “last minute”, with the majority being made by Italians themselves (73.8%).

  In 2021 we will likely have more awareness for disintermediation and state cashback, with managers wanting to have more of a direct contact with the travellers. Heavy commissions of large OTAs want to be avoided. This could potentially allow for a 10% discount, further encouraging travellers, thereby boosting the tourism industry, which is currently struggling.