National Gallery announces new shows for re-opening

  ROME - The National Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art in Rome has announced its reopening on Monday, as Lazio becomes a yellow zone, detailing their new shows planned for the upcoming months.

  The reopening will be dedicated to Sandra Pinto, the former head of the gallery, who died last November. 

  The gallery announced the reopening with crates placed at the bottom of the monumental steps leading up to the gallery in the shape of an arrow and an open padlock.

  The exhibitions include ‘Nazionalismo Domestico’, a show by the Spanish artist Mateo Maté, ‘A distanza ravvicinata’ (at close range), and ‘Micro and Macro’,  a show curated by Maria Giuseppina Di Monte and Gabriele Simongini dedicated to the work of the Chinese artist Wang Yancheng.

  The gallery will also be exhibiting again Anish Kapoor’s work, ‘untitled nero africano’, a part of the gallery’s permanent collection.