Universities launch project to revive tourism

 SALERNO - The University of Salerno, in collaboration with Milano Bicocca University and Middlesex University London and support from the Mediterranean Tourism and Archeological Exchange (BMTA), have launched a new project aimed at the post-coronavirus recovery of archaeological tourism. 

  The research project, called “Archaeological Tourism and Young People - insight and policy for a new normal”, will use social media, and target students and young adults, in their aim to investigate the conditions for relaunching archaeological tourism. The project is led by Professor Maria Teresa Cuomo of the Department of Economic Science and Statistics at the University of Salerno.

  The research will focus on how to get archaeological tourism, one of the sectors hit hardest by the pandemic, back on its feet. They are conducting a questionnaire which aims to discover how people would feel about tourism once travel is allowed again, and how people priorities will change. The researchers have praised social media, not only as a means of communication, but also as a crucial research strategy.

  The project aims to combine business, culture and heritage to discover how to bring back culture into our lives once the pandemic allows.