Sant'Egidio slams U.S. execution of Lisa Montgomery

ROME - The Community of Sant’Egidio is among those expressing outrage at the cruel execution early Tuesday morning of Lisa Montgomery. The lay Catholic association, dedicated to global social causes, is one of many groups fighting tirelessly against the death penalty around the world, and in the wake of the killing of Montgomery, the only woman on federal death row in the US, have released a statement saying, “the horror of this death doesn’t heal the wounds caused by violence, but injects doses of hate and desperation in a society in need instead of rationality, rehabilitative justice, mercy and forgiveness.” Lisa Montgomery was killed early on Tuesday morning in Indiana by lethal injection. She was sentence to death in 2007 for killing a pregnant woman in and cutting out her baby three years earlier, but her execution has been much delayed by legal battles, and most recently, by Covid-19. Her defence argued that she was mentally unstable, and psychotic at the time of her crime as a result of a childhood of mental and sexual abuse at the hands of her parents. However, the prosecution ruled that her serious mental illness was not an excuse for such horrific crimes. Many groups of lawyers and social activists have been campaigning for Lisa, and the Community of Sant’Egidio have given thanks “to all those who have fought with us, who have supported the appeal to save Lisa, and have given everything to strengthen their own commitment to life and against every form of the death penalty throughout the world.” jp-ol