Naples governor slammed for 'jumping vaccine queue'

 NAPLES -- Mayor of Naples Luigi de Magistris has lambasted Campania governor VIncenzo De Luca for what he termed an "abuse of power" by the veteran politician arranging to be vaccinated live on television Sunday against Covid-19 in the first batch of immunisations in Italy against the virus.
 De Luca, 71, claimed that he went to the head of the queue for the vaccine "to give an example, we must all have it." But De Magistris said "I find it really inexcusable and an unworthy abuse of power by President De Luca who took advantage of his institutional role to vaccinate himself when the vaccine in the first weeks must be destined exclusively, considering the very small quantities available, for doctors, nurses, health workers and the elderly."
 "Unfortunately De Luca's health has been put ahead of that of the people of Campania. He should be ashamed and ask to be pardoned."
 A mere 7,609 people were vaccinated in Italy in the first symbolic batch Sunday and Monday. A further 470,000 doses of the Pfizer vaccine were due to arrive this week though bad weather could hamper delivery in the peninsula, especially in Piedmont and Liguria.
 The vaccination programme's sluggish start came as 8,585 new cases of infection were registered in Italy in the 24 hours to Monday evening, after 68,681 tests were carried out, meaning the positivity rate decreased from 14.9 percen to 12.5 percent. In all 445 deaths from Covid were registered.
 The Veneto remained the region with the most infections. Gyms, theatres and cinemas could remain closed beyond Jan. 15, and much uncertainty remains around the ski season and whether it should reopen on Jan. 7.