Roberto's Panettone recipe

 Roberto Lestani, President of the International Federation of Pasticceria Gelateria Cioccolateria, has provided his Panettone recipe for Italian Insider readers who may like to have a crack at creating the leavened treat just in time for Christmas.


First Dough – Ingredients 
2300 g Flour for Panettone
690 g  Natural Yeast           
1000 g  Butter
670 g  Sucrose
1200 g  Water 
500 g  Egg Yolks
Mix all the ingredients except the egg yolks 
Once a gluten mesh is formed, add the egg yolks
Leave to rise for 12 hours at 24 °
Second Dough – Ingredients 
920 g  Flour for Panettone
35 g  Salt              
700 g  Sucrose 
220 g  Honey              
620 g  Egg Yolks
1500 g  Butter
1000 g  Candied Orange
1000 g Raisins 
400 g Candied Citrus
700 g  Water
5    Vanilla Beans
Once the first dough has tripled, mix it with flour and vanilla to form the gluten mesh
Add half of the sugar, half of the honey and half of the yolks; continue to knead
Add the butter and the remaining egg yolks
Finally add the water and candied fruit. 
Let it rise in the moulds 
Bake at 170 (degrees Celsius) for 55 minutes.
 *Note: You can test the gluten "mesh" by gently stretching out a thin layer of dough between the fingers; if you can stretch it thin enough so you can see some light shining through without the dough breaking, it is a sign that the gluten mesh has formed.