Forget Lapland, a reindeer ‘hunt’ in Apulia

 GROTTAGLIE - It is well known that reindeer, Santa's faithful logistics companions, live and graze in Lapland and the Arctic Circle. Some specimens, brought to Italy in the past, got by badly in the stables of the North.

 But now, in southern Italy, Santa’s helper becomes the object of a hunt, fortunately a bloodless one. It is in fact a scavenger hunt complete with clues and puzzles to be solved step by step, in Grottaglie, a town of more than 30,000 inhabitants near the Ionian Sea, in the province of Taranto, Apulia. The hunt is being organised together with the other cities of Italy that are also world famous for their ceramics. What is there to find? Tiny reindeer – in terracotta, of course!

 The ‘Reindeer Hunting' scavenge for 'beauty' is a participatory national artistic operation that will take place through the streets of Grottaglie’s historic centre. The fun experience of the ceramic artist Maurizio De Rosa is organized by the Museum of the Ceramics of the Municipality of Grottaglie.

 A dozen reindeer (numbered and dated) will be located at different points waiting for participants to search for and collect the terracotta micro sculptures. The Fox-hunting - Beauty Hunt Facebook page will, bit by bit, release clues.

 ‘Hunters’ are also encouraged to photograph the tiny reindeer and share their photos on social media networks with the hash tag #trovalarenna, highlighting the beauty of the places.

 The event ends when all the ceramic reindeer are found.

 The purpose of the initiative is to motivate exploration, research, observation of detail and cultural heritage, and to experience the environment with fresh eyes. The action does not involve gatherings or contact between people, so it respects the social distancing rules: everyone moves freely along their way and, even with a mask, can explore and "see" their city, with a chance of encountering the small terracotta creatures. Finders, keepers - those who find, get to keep the reindeer. Inside, will be a message of beauty, to encourage reflection. Taking part are all the regions from Puglia to Trentino, including the islands, various ceramic cities, ceramic museums and associations (333 reindeer in all).

 Participation is free for adults and children.

 Instructions for hunting:

 - Explore the indicated area and look for the little reindeer

 - If you can find one, take it, photograph it there or elsewhere and share it on Facebook with the hash tag #trovalarenna.


For further info:

Museum of Ceramics of Grottaglie

+39 099 5620427;