Berlusconi pulls out of Ruby Ter hearing due to ‘worsening’ health

 MILAN – Silvio Berlusconi, who recovered from coronavirus in September, will not be appearing at the ‘Ruby Ter’ hearing in Milan, due “worsening” health, legal sources said on Monday.

 Berlusconi’s lawyer Federico Cecconi, produced medical documents instructing the former Italian Prime Minister to get “absolute rest at home, not to move and not to carry out activities.”

 In an Oct. 19 hearing, Berlusconi's defense team had filed a request for postponement for legitimate impediment for health reasons, which had been accepted by the judges.

 Today the hearing against the Forza Italia leader and 28 other defendants, centering around allegations of perjury and corruption in legal proceedings, resumed with witness testimony after many set backs and postponements due to Covid.

 While Berlusconi is suffering a "further form of worsening with respect to the improvement process" that had taken place, Cecconi clarified that “on the express indication of Berlusconi shared by his defense,” also given the “numerous hearings already postponed,” they did not intend to make a request for a “legitimate impediment.”