Conte adopts a ‘wait and see’ attitude on Covid

Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte

 ROME – Italy’s Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte has adopted a “wait and see” approach to Covid before implementing further restrictions as the country hits a new record of daily coronavirus cases, political sources said on Thursday.

 In 24 hours, Italy reported a record high of 24,991 infections, up from 21,994 the day before, according to Health Ministry figures. Deaths were registered at 205, slightly lower than the previous day’s 221.

 Despite mounting pressure to adopt more stringent measures to curb the surge in infections, the government will wait “at least two weeks” and decide on other restrictions “after evaluating the effects” of the latest Prime Ministerial decree, Conte told the Chamber of Deputies.

 If the infection curve does not flatten, the next round of restrictions are expected to start on Nov. 9 and last until mid-December, if the epidemic subsides.

 This means restrictions would be eased in time for Christmas.