Beppe Grillo slammed for sharing dining 'loophole'

 ROME – Founder of the Five Star Movement Beppe Grillo has been slammed for sharing a hotel Facebook post advertising a special dinner offer at a rooftop restaurant in the historic centre, which "bypasses" the government's early closure rule, La Repubblica reported on Thursday.

 Under the latest government decree, restaurants must close at 6 p.m. But the restrictions do not apply to hotels accommodating guests, who can dine without time limits.

 Grillo, who usually stays at Hotel Forum when in Rome, yesterday shared the establishment's post which legally "circumvents" anti-Covid restrictions.

 “We are not closing (Die hard); special offer, dinner on the Roof Garden Restaurant with a 3-course degustation menu of your choice at a cost of 90 euros per person, room included,” Hotel Forum wrote.

 The post attracted the ire of FB users who argued Grillo is “advertising” the hotel restaurant and inviting social media users to have dinner there without having to comply with the government decree aimed at stemming coronavirus infections.

 "Grillo then help all restaurant owners, call Conte and ask him to change the Dpcm on the indiscriminate closing at 6pm for all," Italia Viva deputy, Michele Anzaldi, wrote on Facebook.

 The post, which highlights the 'loophole,' was flooded with negative comments - “How to circumvent the rules without breaking them … We are Italians, but advertising this offer does not seem like a great idea to me, rather it offends many restaurateurs who are unable to work by not being able to ‘offer’ an overnight stay,” Stefano Saccone wrote.

 “This is the post of the founder of a movement that has the majority of seats in the parliament of this country. And which in theory should be on the side of the government,” another said.

 “You’re a fool to advertise a place to eat out when all the restaurants are closed. Lack of sensitivity is to say the least, shameful,” Marco Antonelli posted.