Lombardy region set to impose curfew

 MILAN – Lombardy is set to impose a nighttime curfew to combat the surge in COVID-19 infections, political sources said on Tuesday.

 Expected to begin Thursday, the curfew will run from 11 p.m. to 5 a.m., and last until Nov. 13.

 The region, which was hard hit during the first wave of the pandemic, reported 1,687 of the more than 9,300 new cases registered in Italy on Monday. 

 Health Minister Roberto Speranza has given his consent for the introduction of more restrictive measures in the region.

 “I have heard from President Fontana and Mayor Sala and we will work together in this regard in the next few hours," Mr Speranza said.

 The move comes after experts predicted, by the end of October, hospitals in the region could see admissions into intensive care units jump to 600 with up to 4,000 general hospital admissions.

The region’s large shopping centres will also shut down at weekends.