Italian PM signs off on new anti-covid measures

 ROME – Private parties, school excursions and amateur soccer – those are some of the activities banned under new restrictions aimed at curbing the spread of coronavirus in the Bel Paese, sources at Palazzo Chigi said on Tuesday.

 The new decree, signed by Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte and Health Minister Robert Speranza overnight, will be in effect for the next 30 days, ANSA reported. 

 It states that restaurants and bars will close at midnight, but from 9 p.m., it will be forbidden to consume food or beverage while standing. So only establishments with tables and chairs indoors or outside, will be allowed to continue to serve customers.

 Rather than a rule, the government gave a “strong recommendation” to limit private parties indoors or outside to six family members or friends who do not usually live in the same household.

 Dance halls and discos inside or in the open air will remain closed while fairs and conferences are permitted.

 School excursions are once again banned, as is soccer along with other contact sports played at an amateur level.

 Masks continue to be obligatory both outdoors and inside, unless one is in a private home with cohabitants. Face coverings are also “strongly recommended” when in private homes with non-cohabitants.

 Cinemas and concerts can continue provided social distancing rules are respected. Depending on the size and characteristics of the venue, up to 200 can participate indoors while up 1000 can attend at outdoor event.