Sant’Egidio “Ferragosto of solidarity” for vulnerable

ROME –Community of Sant’Egidio, the Roman Catholic movement, will be holding events for the Ferragosto holiday in Rome and across Italy on Saturday from 12 at the soup kitchen at 10 via Dandolo.

 They will be holding lunches, watermelon feasts and meetings between volunteers and the elderly, homeless, immigrants and also Italian families who are struggling as a result of the pandemic.

 The “Ferragosto of solidarity” will also be taking place in various cohousing centres run by Sant’Egidio to house the most vulnerable in different areas of the capital.

 Sant’Egidio describe this upcoming national holiday as “unusual, because of the pandemic and the impoverishment that has accompanied it,” saying they wish it to be a moment of “solidarity and hope for the future.” There are other events in Milan, Genoa, Novara, Padua and Trieste to celebrate the summer holiday under the slogan “Because you only get out of crisis together.”