96 year old man graduates for first time in Sicily

PALERMO – Giuseppe Paternò, at the age of 96, has graduated with a degree in Philosophy and History from the University of Palermo.  

 “My enthusiasm has always been great. This is my antidote for the passing years.” reflected Paternò, who has become the oldest person in the world to graduate for the first time.

 Having started working for his father at the age of 7, and then working in the railway service for over 40 years, Paternò decided to enrol at university three years ago.

 Even though his final exams had to be studied for and taken during lockdown, Paternò was successful. One of his history lecturers lauded his achievement, Rossella Cancilla, “For young people a degree is the start of a journey. For him  it is the seal on his life.”

 Paternò’s focused his thesis on the places closest to him in his hometown city of Palermo, where he celebrated the end of the war. 

 “Who knows, maybe I could carry on for the two years and get my Master’s degree.” said Paternò, “after all my mother Giovanna lived until she was a 100 years old, maybe I can do it as well.”