Opinion: What Really Matters in the United States Now?

NEW YORK - Black votes matter because there is an imminent election. The chaos and riots in the streets are the result of the refusal of half of the country to accept the last Presidential election in 2016.

  Black Lives Matter is the phrase used by those who know that Black votes matter, to remind African American voters that they are victims and they must vote a certain way. In one of his weekly gaffs Joe Biden explained the idea. “If you vote for Trump instead of me you ain’t Black.” 

  The radical left in the United States has finally openly said that violence can be considered protest. The same old Marxism, class warfare and because it is a revolution, the ends justify the means. Looting, destroying parts of cities, and murder, are OK.

  It pains my heart to see that Democrat Mayors and other politicians, the ones who have not helped troubled inner cities, have tricked African Americans into destroying their own neighborhoods.  

  Because the Democrats have only one political agenda, hatred for President Trump, the genteel Academic Marxism that has flourished for half a century in Universities is being acted out now in the streets 

  It has been creeping into the culture since the establishment of Political Correctness in universities in 1989. The revolution requires group think as Orwell described it in 1984. It takes a village to kill a Jew. Not just the men with the guns, the accountants and the doctors too.

  Do you think that I have confused the Nazis with the Marxists, Socialists, and Communists? Control of language and control of thought are shared strategies for all of them. Alexander Solzhenitsyn has explained how the totalitarian regimes are the same. He pointed out that the Nazis, the National Socialist Party, was pleased to see that, like them, the new Russian Communists had taken over the education of children. 

  Marxist group think requires that cultural and national values are destroyed. When the Communists occupied countries, for example Poland, they killed the rulers of course, but they knew to break the people they had to destroy their culture, their history, the memory of their heroes and the values that made them Poles.

  The criminal rioters now are tearing down Civil war Memorials as well as Christopher Columbus statues. They have not studied history, so it means nothing to them. In Boston, the Shaw Memorial was defaced. It is one of the country’s greatest public monuments. Colonel Robert Guild Shaw led the all black Massachusetts 54th Regiment in the war to free the slaves. Those black lives given up saving the country do matter.

  Joe Biden said that the murder by a Cop of George Floyd was more impactful than the Assassination of Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. He compared a drug addict criminal resisting arrest with one of our country’s greatest leaders, a prophet, a moral leader, a martyr. Joe’s handlers should tell him to keep his N95 mask on and not talk. I do not want to disrespect the former Vice President, but he has, perhaps unwittingly, which is his style, disrespected the great Dr. King.

  Mr. Floyd had filled himself with drugs before he was arrested. The charge was passing a counterfeit 20-dollar bill, a non-violent offence. He chose to escalate the situation to a violent confrontation where Police Officers and criminals are often hurt, a serious felony of resisting arrest.

  In 2019, only 0.1 percent of black homicides were of unarmed black men killed by police. The data shows that a police officer is 18.5 times more likely to be killed by a black male than un unarmed black male is to be killed by a police officer.

  The Police Officer who killed Mr. Floyd will be punished by our functioning justice system. Racism is not systemic in Police Departments. Bad cops need to be monitored more thoroughly and kicked out. The country is not racist.

  In Seattle the occupying force is armed, and it could be considered a foreign occupying army and treated as such. Special Forces and Black Hawk Helicopters followed by tanks pushing barricades would end that situation in an hour and prisoners would be taken. But, contrary to what many think, President Trump is a negotiator and he has a sense of strategy. The longer he delays decisive action, the more pathetic the occupying forces reveal themselves to be. They are pampered revolutionaries crying for Gatorade on their thousand-dollar iPhones. They should go back to their mother’s basements and tweet.