IMO programme to assist UK nationals with residency issues


ROME – A new programme launched by the International Organisation for Migration (IMO) will help UK nationals who want to regulate their status in Italy, by facilitating access to necessary information about residency requirements and by providing direct support to those completing paperwork, according to a British Embassy press release. Help will also be made available to individuals with specific issues, especially those with chronic disease, disability, and those with language or technical barriers.

  The programme will run for 12 months, until March 31, 2021. UK nationals should not try to register their residency at this time due to the coronavirus lockdown, but assistance will be granted for UK Nationals with the necessary means to have a right of residency in Italy at the end of the transition period. 

  The British Embassy in Rome will be supporting the IOM as it carries out this work using funding from the UK Government, which has allocated 3 million pounds in support of organisations that helping UK Nationals across several European countries.

  The IOM aim to reach and provide assistance to approximately 30,000 British citizens living in Europe, in other countries such as Germany, France, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, and Spain.

  The programme in Italy will also aid Italian institutions as they streamline their processes. Laurence Hart, Director for the IOM Mediterranean Coordination Office, said that they were “delighted to be able to take forward this extremely useful and valuable activity here in Italy.”

  “We welcome IOM's new service for UK nationals to help them regulate their status here in Italy, so they can continue to enjoy their rights after the end of the transition period,” said British Ambassador to Italy, HE Jill Morris.

“In order to reach UK Nationals in Italy, it will be important to circulate relevant information at the local level, with the support of the network of town halls, as registry offices will play a fundamental role in the procedure for UK Nationals to regulate their status,” read the press release.

Information will be made available on the IOM and British Embassy in Itay websites.